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LiquidEX is a decentralized, permissionless and robust protocol built on Avalanche Contract Chain (C-Chain), an EVM-compatible blockchain excelling in scalability, which makes it a highly fast consensus framework to develop on. In parallel, LiquidEX fuses the concept of DAO, DeFi and NFT into one whole and the end result is a liquid democracy with a unique multi-token governance strategy, on which Access Pass NFT holders represent deputies with governance rights to submit improvement proposals and LDX token holders are contributors who cast the final vote, therefore the protocol per se is DAO-driven, hence the community plays a key role in proposing and executing improvements in order to keep sovereignty intact.

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The Liquid Democracy

DAOs are a second important innovation that allow online communities to complete the transformation into decentralized organizations.

We believe that making the transition to a DAO will lay the foundation for future growth and enable the LiquidEX community to execute on an ambitious vision.

The DAO has a very clever, fair, and democratic mechanism for pushing proposals as well as voting proposals through LDX tokens and Access Pass NFT.

Build Your DeFi

The DAO has full control over the protocol: boost APRs, request new pools, improvements and forth.

Access Pass NFT

NFTs are required to get access to the DAO channels where participants discuss ideas and push proposals.

LDX Token

Tokens are used to cast votes on final proposals on upon approval from the Council.

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Dive in LiquidEX

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Where traders and LPs meet

The decentralized exchange (DEX) allows for direct & safe peer-to-peer crypto swaps without the need for an intermediary.

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Incentives to balance out risks

Yield farming lets users that are providing liquidity earn LDX rewards by locking their LP tokens into a smart contract.

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Single pool rewards

A clever mechanism to either stake $LDX or non-native tokens to earn more $LDX, therefore no LP token-making is required.

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Mining, governing, & networking

Unique NFTs with governance rights that reward the collectors with mining rewards up to 10000 LDX/yr. and at the same time give access to an exclusive hidden club.

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The fuel of the ecosystem

$LDX is a ERC-20 token with limited supply and governance rights. Own tokens, own decisions: build your own DeFi by changing APRs, adding farm pools, and so on.

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Continuously expanding protocol

The DAO will research new strategies and implementations with the goal to expand, grow, and improve the LiquidEX ecosystem. No borders, only horizons.

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